Ten Reasons You Should Have Muul In Your Life

  1. It will increase your net worth. Don’t ask. Just believe. 
  2. We taste better than mushroom coffee. (Mushroom coffee tastes like poo.) 
  3. Far less acidity than regular coffee - muul is smooth but still gots KICK. 
  4. You can tell your grandma you’re drinking ‘muul’ and she will respond with, ‘kids these days’.
  5. Health benefits of both coffee and tea - detoxify your gut with peppermint while stimulating your senses. At. the. Same. Time. Buy pep choc now.
  6. Board the gravy train!! (Realize the gravy is not vegan. Get off train.) 
  7. The aroma is an orgasm for your nose. 
  8. You can order muul right to your door. Unlike Starbucks which makes you WALK to its locations. Ew.
  9. Muul gives your wings. And tails. Like what can you not do with a tail these days?
  10. You should support female entrepreneurs. CUZ WOMEN. 

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