Earl Vanilla

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Calling all cat moms and late afternoon tea sippers

Meet Earl Vanilla.

A cream earl grey tea fused with a medium bodied french vanilla coffee. This sui generis brew is for the vanilla lover with a taste for the regal things in life. A tea-forward blend, Earl Vanilla exhibits sweet, floral tones contrasted with an earthy coffee finish. A must-try for the earl grey tea addict craving a little coffee kick. 

Tasting notes: bergamot, citrus-peel, vanilla extract, pine, earthy, ash. 


Each bag is sold pre-ground similar to loose leaf tea however we recommend brewing like coffee. Use a french press, pour-over, or a traditional drip coffee maker for optimal flavour. Steep for 3 minutes. (Do not over steep, humans!) Top with your choice of milk and a spoonful of sustainable honey. We recommend 2 tbsp of muul per mug.


Arabica coffee, black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours (organic compliant).


  • no caffeine crash 
  • no coffee junkie jitters 
  • less acid; easy to digest 
  • ethically sourced 
  • non GMO
  • no sugar or artificial ingredients
  • small batch/always fresh
  • made in Canada
  • female owned and operated 
  • no more DBS - drink boredom syndrome