muul blends


You are a curious human. You walk your own path, and that path, has led you here… to muul. It begs the question; To muul? Or not to muul? But before you decide whether or not our mysterious beverage is for you allow us to preface with a warning. Regular tastebuds beware. This brew we brew is no normal brew. In fact some tastebuds with a less adventurous palate have ‘expired’ upon one fatal sip. But venturesome mortals rejoice! The muul is here for YOU.

Our products are small batch blended and packaged in Toronto with love and a hint of magic. Our tea leaves are sourced from Ethical Tea Partnership gardens from around the world. Our coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified. We believe in conscious consumerism, ethical entrepreneurship, and dismantling the patriarchy. 

We sell muul pre-ground in bags similar to loose leaf tea/ground coffee.




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