meet the muulmakers

Meet Erin and Lee. 

Erin became an entrepreneur shortly after her father passed away. He left behind a graphics business with no clear succession plan. It was up to Erin to step in and take over the company. Having no prior business knowledge and only a wealth of experience in the arts (from scriptwriting to vagina painting - don’t ask) some could say Erin was not prepared for the career change. But being thrust into the business world turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to Erin. This life-changing experience whet her entrepreneurial appetite.

Erin developed muul out of her own desire to drink a less acidic coffee. One magical afternoon she discovered that tea leaves proved the perfect ingredient to mute coffee’s natural acidity. The blends were rich, smooth and in a word: Delicious. Erin created a website called Coffee Meets Tea and quickly (mysteriously) somehow got her first sale from a stranger named, Ryan. Thank you, Ryan! She discovered there were others who wanted the best of both beverages. Erin partnered with her best friend and savvy businesswoman, Lee, and together they hit the kitchen to create the perfect blends. Many months and mugs later, muul was born. 

With her unique perspective and creativity, Erin is determined to share muul with the world.

erin & lee cofounders of muul

When Erin brought Lee in, the enthusiasm and opportunity to flex her business mind made muul a dream come true. She'd secretly been waiting all her life for Erin to come up with this idea. Lee considers herself to be someone who is "a foot deep and a mile wide", keen on understanding 30% of everything vs. being narrowly focused on one subject. In her day to day, she is a sales executive and has worked with hundreds of businesses in a breadth of industries, although her love of learning means the conversation often meanders into understanding much more than their need for enterprise software. 

As an immigrant born in Israel whose father ran a successful family business, often she spent more time with her dad in the office and garage vs. inside studying. While she enjoyed natural sciences in school, it was her curiosity about business and the economy that led her to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce. While at school she ran an 80-person student organization, running events and fundraising initiatives to round off her honours degree with real experience. 

Lee has very big dreams for muul. We hope you join us on our journey!




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