Maple Chai

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Spicy Indian chai tea meets Canadian maple coffee.

This *spicy* blend is for the chai-curious. This brew has that distinct familiar chai flavour with strong maple undertones. Tis an arranged marriage of epic proportions. Complex and robust, Maple Chai is ripe with cardamom, star anise, clove, maple, and honey*.

*Our honey is locally sourced from the Toronto Bee Rescue. The Toronto Bee Rescue re-homes colonies at risk by offering a humane and sustainable alternative to homeowners who require removal of bee nests found on private property. Rescued bees are introduced to hives located in the Greenbelt surrounding the GTA, where they contribute to the local agriculture community. To buy their sustainable and delicious honey click here.



Each bag is sold like loose leaf tea however we recommend using a french press, pour-over, or a traditional coffee maker for optimal flavour. Use a tea ball, infuser, or tea bag for a milder cup. Top with your choice of milk and a spoonful of sustainable honey. We recommend 2 tbsp per serving.

2 tbsp muul + 12 oz boiling water = 1 mug of muul 



Arabica coffee, honey*, cinnamon, black tea, ginger root, cardamom, star anise, cacao shells, fennel, black pepper, clove.



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