Peppermint Chocolate

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A robust German chocolate coffee fused with a delightfully refreshing peppermint tea.


Our quintessential holiday beverage is *here to say* by popular demand. 

For the peppermint lover, this blend pairs a velvety-not-too-sweet chocolate coffee with a delightfully pungent peppermint tea. This blend pairs exceptionally well with a frosty morning and an estranged aunt who decided to give everyone her 'artwork' for Christmas. Also, if an After Eight bar were drinkable… THAT.



Each bag is sold like loose leaf tea however we recommend using a french press, pour-over, or a traditional coffee maker for optimal flavour. Use a tea ball, infuser, or tea bag for a milder cup. Top with your choice of milk and a spoonful of sustainable honey. We recommend 2 tbsp per serving.


2 tbsp muul + 12 oz boiling water = 1 mug of muul 



Arabica coffee, peppermint leaves.




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